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InfinityAT™ Trading Platform

InfinityAT™ is an online trading platform that provides futures traders with access to the CME Group and Eurex. Create and customize advanced intraday and historical charts. Charts user interface is fully customizable and includes hundreds of studies & indicators.

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Upcoming Webinar Events

Why Infinity Margins Are Better.
With Jim Cagnina
October 17th
Chicago - 9:00 am CDT
London - 3:00 pm (GMT +1)
Hong Kong - 10:00 pm (GMT +8)
9:00 am CDT (Chicago Time)
Infinity has been providing their valued traders with low day trade margins for many years.


Latest Videos

Open House with Patrick Z.
Patrick makes a compelling case for trading the futures markets over all others. He leverages his 15 year experience as a futures broker in providing insights into winning trader behavior.

MPD Lines Exclusive to Infinity Charts
Are you tired of paying for indicators that might not work? Infinity has introduced MPD Lines on the new ATChartsTM. Free to users MPD lines are based on two factors: 1. Range and 2. Volume Weighted Average price.

Tip of the Week: Trade Time Stamps
Markus provides us with weekly insights on the Infinity AT trading platform and ATChartsTM. The TOW is published in video format every Thursday.