Futures traders have many advantages over equity, option, FOREX and CFD trading.

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About Futures Trading

Futures markets provide around the clock trading access to individuals, institutions and producers. At Infinity, our focus is on providing traders with execution software, technical analysis tools and real-time data. The efficiency and ease of market access is what makes futures trading attractive to the individual trader. Visit our CME Education center for more information on CME markets.

Centralized Exchange. Centralized exchanges are one the most important elements of futures markets like those run by the CME Group and Eurex exchanges. Typically, centralized exchanges provide for price transparency, level paying fields (e.g., first in first out order execution) and centralized clearing (counter party risk abatement). For individual traders this means that your orders can compete and be executed in a fair and speedy (measured in milliseconds) manner.

Many Futures Markets. There are many asset classes that are available on the various futures exchanges. Most notably: Stock Index, Currency, Interest Rate, Metals, Energy and Grain futures. The variety of different markets allows traders to scan for more trading opportunities.

Volatility. Volatility is a measure of market movement and velocity of that movement. It provides the trading opportunities as well as its risk. Futures markets tend to lead the underlying cash market and react move swiftly in many scenarios do to its instant liquidity and margin/performance bond mechanism.

Investment Capital. For day traders costs and capitalization requirements can make futures trading advantageous. Transaction costs and tight bid/ask spreads in popular futures markets is quite low in comparison to the notional contract size in most markets. In addition, margin trading can mean you can fund an account with less capital and still trading the same size are non-leveraged markets. Note: low margins can work for you as well as against you.

Contract Specifications. For information -- including trading hours, ticker symbols, contract size -- on individual futures markets please download our Contract Specifications page. Click Here to Download

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