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API Access

If you are interested in writing to the AT API to customize your trading please complete the form. The Transact development team will provide you with credentials and documentation to the API.

TransAct API

TransAct Futures offers a JSON based API over web sockets, which allows our API customers to program in any language and on any platform they see fit.

The TransAct API environment provides multiple WebSocket connections: an authentication API connection, an order API connection, and a price API connection. The authentication API connection allows customers to validate their credentials, which then gives them access to our order API and price API. In addition to their usual username and password, API users will need an “api_key” when validating the authentication API. An api_key will be generated and will be valid as long as the account is open and active. Once the customer validates their credentials through the authentication API, the authentication API will provide the user with a session key. This session key will be necessary for all communication between the API user and the order API or price API, and will be valid for the life of the session, up to 24 hours. The API server will respond to every JSON “cmd” with a JSON “status” response. Status values that are negative indicate a failed cmd and will usually include a “text” field explaining the error. Any positive value for status is a success. Before or after the “status” message, the API server may also respond with other messages containing requested or related data. The cmd “subscribe” will also initiate asynchronous messages on various topics, which may be received via the WebSocket at any time.

API Access

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