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Futures Day Trading with a DOM

The Trading Ladder or Depth of Market (DOM) platform sets futures trading apart from other types of day trading. The InfinityAT™ DOM provides traders with real-time pricing in milliseconds. The InfinityAT™ DOM coupled with a centralized futures exchange provides transparent pricing along with fair (first come, first served) fills on orders -- no matter who you are. Institutions are treated the same as individual traders and investors. Fill latency and multiple routing paths are completely eliminated from the trade execution pathway.

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Infinity Futures

The InfinityAT™ DOM also shows, in real-time, the market’s order book. Traders see bids and offers 10 prices (ticks) away from the last traded price directly on the DOM. This Bid/Ask volume accurately reflects what’s actually at the exchange. In other words, you can see everything with one view.

Imagine how nice it would be to combine all of the cash over the counter FOREX markets for the EURO/USD cross into one single market with one bid/ask spread, which would be viewable globally on one Ladder. This, in essence, is what you get with a futures trading ladder.

The InfinityAT™ DOM empowers traders with the ability to enter, modify and cancel orders instantaneously with a single click of the mouse. You have the power of immediate response, no delay in executing your trade ideas, and the ability to react in-sync with the dynamic volatility of the market that you are trading.

No matter what your order management needs are, the InfinityATTM DOM offers basic as well as advanced functionality. Eight different types of OCO order automation types are available on the InfinityAT™ DOM for experienced traders. The platform is very intuitive, and it is easy to learn how use the trading ladder as well as apply these different types of OCO orders. In light of the recent availability of smaller contracts (e.g., emini S&P, micro emini S&P, emini DOW and micro emini DOW) most traders can become an experienced trader in relatively short order.

The InfinityAT™ DOM Is considered a light application, in other words it does not use a lot of system resources on your computer. This allows for better performance, quicker data and a more stable trading platform.

Finally, the InfinityAT™ DOM is completely in-sync with the ATChartsTM and its mobile counterpart. This provides traders with the flexibility to switch devices, trade while on the run and have market access on just about any device.

Click here for a Free Real-Time Simulated Practice Account (Demo Account)