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Charting Using Range Bars

Infinity is pleased to announce the addition of Range Bars to the ATCharts™ web-based charting and integrated trading platform.

Using Range Bars is a charting technique that allows traders to set the height of all of the candlesticks on a chart to a fixed value, where the height is defined as the High/Low range of the candlesticks. As an example, a range bar setting of 2.5 in the Emini S&P stock index futures market sets the height of the candle to 2.5 points or 10 ticks (2.5 X 4). Every candlesticks on the chart is then 10 ticks high.

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Range bars take only price into consideration and are not time sensitive. A new bar is only posted once the current bar hits the predetermined setting, in this case 10 ticks. The trader can set the candlesticks height of the range bar to any number.

Please feel free to try our range bars with a free a real-time InfinityAT™ practice account. Click here: Range Bar Charts.

Three rules of range bars are:

- Each range bar must have a high/low range that equals the specified range.
- Each range bar must open outside the high/low range of the previous bar.
- Each range bar must close at either its high or its low.

Generally, the greater the volatility, the greater the number of Range Bars will be formed. When the market is slow with less volatility, less Range Bars will be formed and it will take longer for them to form. Why use Range Bars? It can be argued that Range Bars remove the "noise" in a market that is considered a "sideways" market. Alternatively they can help identify clear trend-based setups.

Adding range bars to your ATCharts™ is easy. Simply click on the display menu on your charts and on the drop down menu check the Range Bars option. To set your range, click on the "gear" icon next to the word Range Bars.

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Hope this helps! Please feel free to try our Range Bars with a free a real-time InfinityAT™ practice account. Click here: Range Bar Charts.