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Time to Upgrade Your Cognitive Process

With Ray Burchett
Tuesday March 20th 3:30 pm CT (Chicago Time)

This webinar will help you better understand and illustrate how to strengthen your Cognitive Process.

Trading requires robust and agile decision-making abilities (Cognitive Power). Successful traders can analyze more information in an hour than professionals work through in a day or even a week. They make frequent adjustments to their parameters so they can compete across a wide spectrum of trading conditions. Unfortunately few aspiring traders have work experience preparing them to filter, process, and apply information fast enough to stay ahead of price movement.

Upgrading your Cognitive Process will reward you with the:

- High awareness to consistently discern where and when price will move.
- Energy to patiently wait for the market to align with your strategy.
- Strong conviction to execute as intended once alignment occurs.

If you want to get a head start then go here and watch 3 free videos to gain perspective for your Current State, how much more you are capable of, and how achievable it is.

Ray Burchett, creator of Intuitive Development Training is the presenter.

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