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Trading Bonds through Fed Rate Increases and Global Economic Dangers

With John Carter
Wednesday August 15th 8:00 am CT (Chicago Time)

With the spotlight on the Fed and percolating interest rate changes, the CME Group Treasury Bond and Note futures markets are in play!

Join us for this LIVE TRADING webinar with John Carter of Simpler Trading. In addition to trading his live Futures account, John will go over the unique aspects of the CME Group's interest rate futures including how a change in the Federal Reserve Board operations should create new trading volatility and opportunities.

- How to read the Bond Futures futures intraday
- Tips on finding entries, stops and targets
- How other markets like Currencies and Stock Indices affect Bond Futures
- How to compliment your existing trading with CME Group futures
- Tips that could make you a better trader, whether you trade futures or not

We will also talk about the fear index and how geo-political stress can cause a "flight to quality" phenomenon.

We look forward to taking a peek at John’s trading setups for these very liquid and well followed markets.

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