Day Trade Margins

In futures trading, traders can obtain lower margin requirements than other types of securities. Because of this, traders can have a greater level of leverage. The lower the margin, especially day trading margins, the higher the leverage and riskier the trade. Leverage can work for you as well as against you, it magnifies gains as well as losses. Day trade margins are also subject to change based on market conditions. The following schedule is not appropriate for all traders.

Futures Market Symbol Day Trade Margin
Currency Futures
Australian Dollar 6A $500
British Pound 6B $500
Canadian Dollar 6C $500
Euro FX 6E $500
Japanese Yen 6J $500
Mexican Peso 6M $1,000
New Zealand Dollar 6N $1,000
Swiss Franc 6S $500
Emicro Australian Dollar M6A $50
Emicro British Pound M6B $50
Emicro Euro FX M6E $50
Energy Futures
Brent Crude BZ $2,000
Crude Crude (WTI) CL $2,000
Heating Oil HO $2,000
E-mini Crude Oil QM $1,000
Gasoline RBOB $2,000
Natural Gas NG $1,000
Interest Rate Futures
Ultra Bonds UB $1,000
Treasury Bonds ZB $1,000
Treasury Notes: 10 Year ZN $500
Treasury Notes: 5 Year ZF $500
Bund FGBL €1,000
Stock Index Futures
E-mini S&P ES $500
Micro E-mini S&P MES $50
E-mini Mid_Cap S&P EMD $1,000
Mini NASDAQ NQ $1,000
Micro E-mini NASDAQ MNQ $100
Mini Dow YM $500
Micro E-mini Dow MYM $50
Mini Russell RTY $500
Micro E-mini Russell M2K $50
Dax FDAX €2,500
Mini Dax FDXM €1,000
EuroStoxx 50 FESX €1,000
Nikkei 225 NKD $2,000
Gold GC $2,000
Silver SI $2,500
Copper HG $1,000
Platinum PL $2,000
E-micro Gold Futures MGC $200
Commodity Futures
Feeder Cattle GF $2,475
Lean Hogs HE $1,000
Live Cattle LE $1,000
Corn ZC $1,000
Soy Bean Oil ZL $1,000
Soy Meal ZM $1,000
Soybeans ZS $1,500
Wheat ZW $1,000
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