Infinity Futures

10 Tics Deep, Intro to Futures Trading Part 1

With Jim Cagnina
Thursday November 16th 10:00 am CT (Chicago Time)

In this webinar, we will explore the dynamics of bids and offers in an electronic futures market and how futures trading is different than just about any other financial marketplace. The webinar will cover how the goals and opinions of institutional, commercial, and retail traders affect the market and how futures prices are truly determined by market participants.

- Anatomy of a Bid and Offer
- Depth of Market
- Dynamic Order Management
- Resulting Price Action
- How to Track on the DOM
- How to Track on the Charts
- Power of a Limit Order
- Limitations of Market and Stop Orders

This webinar is oriented toward stock, option, ETF and FOREX traders that are new to futures trading, however, everyone is welcome to attend.

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